Meet Dr. Schmahl

Sharon R. Schmahl, D.D.S., M.S.D.

meet-dr-schmahl.jpgTo spend each day helping my patients achieve a beautiful smile is work that I am proud of and truly enjoy. I really love seeing patients become more confident in themselves and eager to show-off their new smiles.

Education and Continuing Education

Education allows each of us to achieve our dreams. It has been a crucial part of my adult life, from my own learning experiences to the teaching I have been able to provide to others. I began my career as a high school history teacher in both the United States and Guatemala, where I discovered my passion for working with kids. It was with this knowledge that I chose dentistry when I decided to change career paths, becoming involved in hospital patient care, private practice patient care, and educating dental students. However, I truly found a home in orthodontics, where I could work with patients one-on-one to achieve beautiful, meaningful, and long-lasting results.

Following completion of my dental degree, I began a Hospital Dental Residency degree where I was exposed to different trauma scenarios and to patients with extensive medical needs. This experience gave me the tools necessary to ensure that my patients can achieve the dental goals they set, while balancing their medical concerns. Due to my expertise in this field, I was invited to participate in a Symposium on Infection Control in Dentistry sponsored by both the Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association. In this capacity, I helped to write a set of guidelines that provided for the dental profession a standard by which to hold the sanitation levels in the practice. While in school, I was a member of the United States Army National Guard. As a 14-year veteran, I rose to the rank of Captain and served primarily in North Carolina.

I attend many local, state, regional, and national continuing education courses. Continuing to learn about the latest advances in orthodontics, dentistry, medicine, and the basic biomechanical sciences that propel the field forward are opportunities to grow within my profession. Learning from my peers and fellow experts in the profession allows me to provide the most innovative and personalized treatment plans to my patients.

In the Orthodontic Community
I feel it is both a privilege and a duty to share my time and professional experience with students that aspire to be future orthodontists. I teach at Case Western Reserve University, in the Orthodontic Department, and work with the orthodontic residents within my own practice. I am also a member of the Akron Children's Hospital Craniofacial Team, where I volunteer my time with a team that treats cleft palates and other dental abnormalities.

meet-dr-schmahl2.jpgProfessional Affiliations

Outside the Office
I am originally from Davenport, Iowa and have lived in Chagrin Falls, Ohio for the past 25 years. I have been blessed with three amazing children. Katharine is finishing her orthodontic residency at Case Western Reserve University.  Aubrey is working in Washington D.C., and Campbell is a junior at Tufts University. I also have a rambunctious puppy named Pippa.

I love to travel and enjoy sports, especially basketball and soccer. I also have a great appreciation of the arts and try to get to shows, concerts, museums, and galleries as often as possible.